A quality trident.
Strength, flexibility and creativity. These are the qualities that distinguish the new Neptune professional coffee machine. Designed to bring elegance and performance to every type of business.

Divine beauty.
A uniquely shaped design designed to stand in the spotlight. Polished stainless steel front panel, buttons with glowing gems, filter holder with Casadio logo cap, and customizable side panels.

A force of nature.
The positive displacement pump ensures professional and quiet performance throughout the entire coffee brewing process and takes less time to bring the coffee machine to pressure due to a higher water flow rate.

Easy and reliable.
The Easy Steam whipping system allows easy operation even for the less experienced barista, who can easily prepare an excellent cappuccino or any other milk-based beverage. The thermosiphonic system, on the other hand, guarantees high performance throughout the day, even at busy times, ensuring high reliability in terms of thermal stability.

Lights, motor, action.
The 2.4-inch display allows easy interaction with the coffee machine, enhancing the User Experience thanks to new graphics, and the possibility of having lights under each group ensures ample illumination of the work surface. Via display, in full size versions, it is possible to set the machine's on and off time to save on energy consumption.

Beautiful to see, even remotely.
Through the Wi-Fi module, available as a kit, the machine can be connected to telemetry services, for remote diagnostics or to collect important machine consumption data.